The Outdoor Skills Series

Our Outdoor Skills Series is integral to the Roaring Brook Program, providing campers with knowledge and practice of the following skills:

  • Toolcraft 
  • Survival training 
  • Lost-proofing 
  • Outdoor cooking 
  • Leave-No-Trace 
  • Marlinspike 
  • Environmental awareness 
  • Water rescue 
  • Wilderness First Aid 
  • Wilderness orienteering

To live comfortably in the woods one must know how to cook over an open fire and backpacking stove. Each group of 6-8 campers, with counselors supervising, prepare and cook their breakfast and supper together.

Campers learn how to safely use outdoor tools such as knife and axe. They learn how to navigate through the woods using a map and compass and participate in sport orienteering races. Water rescue, CPR and first-aid courses are offered to campers. A search and rescue exercise is conducted to let campers use their skills in first aid, mountaineering and leadership training. Survival skills are taught including fire starting, shelter building, foraging and lost-proofing. Our 650 acre forest and 15 acre lake serve as an outstanding property place to study the natural world.

Vermont Crafts Program

The crafts program at Roaring Brook is unique and a hallmark of our program. The craft shop is well equipped with essential tools for woodwork, leatherwork and fly-tying. The open blacksmith forge stands nearby the shop. Using the techniques of early Americans, the tools are used to shape objects of simple beauty and function. Campers make deerhorn and wood handled knives, canoe paddles from ash, axe helves, maple furniture and carving projects in woodworking. Leathercraft projects include moccasins, axe and knife sheaths, belts and jewelry . Works of art in themselves, over 100 types of fishing flies are crafted at camp. The boys learn to appreciate the time it takes to create useable crafts with the basic skills of an artisan. A new value is assigned to personal belongings when it is the result of one’s own creativity.


Shooting Sports

While we offer marksmanship, it is a voluntary activity. If a parent does not wish for their child to participate in marksmanship, simply tell the directors.

The archery program is conducted under the supervision of a USA Archery Level 3 NTS coach (director) who is a competitive target archer. Olympic recurve bow designs include models from Hoyt, PSE and Win and Win, the same bows used by Junior Olympic competitors. Sights, stabilizers, shooting tabs, arm guards and Easton arrows complete each set of tackle. This is not your typical camp archery program! Our archery range extends from 15-70 meters.

The marksmanship program allows campers the opportunity to learn rifle and shooting range safety procedures, self-discipline, concentration and fine motor control. The program is conducted under the Junior Marksmanship Target Program. Campers use two sizes of Anshutz junior biathlon rifles, versions of Olympic biathlon rifles. Shooters are outfitted with shooting slings, glasses and hearing protection. Our 50-foot target range has a shooting platform and canopy cover.

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